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From One to Many...

We begin our lives on the wrong premises perhaps.

We come from One Source...A Single, Universal Consciousness. And we finally return to it too.

But then there is the Big Bang of Diversity.

Mammals...Reptiles...Amphibians...Aliens...Monsters...and Freaks

(I'm not going into the countless planets and stars and the infinite combination of materials they are made of!).

Take Human beings, for instance. They Look similar, but aren't the Same. They experience Similar Sensations, Feelings or Emotions, but not about the same things or the same intensity or quality. They See the same situation but come up with a million interpretations. They originate from the same Family, but are very Different individuals, with Different Microcosms, Processing Systems, Microbiomes and Genes...and consequent Expression of all that Difference.

Yet we expect them to be the Same as Us...and feel offended (or lonely), if they are not!

Henceforth, starts the struggle to find a Soul mate, a Marriage Partner, a Friend who is like us, a Family similar to Ours, a place similar to our Homeland, a planet like Earth...and the list is never-ending!

In fact, the Institution of Marriage and the Raising of a Family are very basic lessons in learning to live with Diversity...on the foundation of Love and Respect. Yet we declare our 'Different' children as outcasts, freaks...label them so that they can conform to our idea of a Family, kill them when they make an attempt to express themselves or 'run away', if not physically, then emotionally and in the Spirit.

Living with Diversity is a Reality of our Existence...and a Belief that needs to be cultivated consciously. Religions and Humanitarian Philosophies have been trying to do that.

And yet we dont our homes, our workplaces, our education systems, communities and countries...our lives...we still burn each other in Shame, Guilt, Fear and Hatred...for being Different.

When will we begin our lives on the right premises?

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