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The Pole Story

So there was this Pole in the middle of the village square. Someone Unseen fancied fixing it there one fine day.

The village folk got up in the morning and saw the red and blue pole...and wondered why it was there and what had changed because of it. They gathered around it and started talking. Some commented on the use it can put that its there. Some wanted the colour to be changed. Some were afraid going near it, thinking it must be the Martians who had installed it to monitor and ultimately destroy them when they have had enough information. Some sat by the Pole when they were lonely...and cried. Some hit it when they were angry...blaming it for all the misery in their lives. Some just stayed away from it all...and were criticised for staying away. The Mad Dog even relieved himself by it everyday!

And this continued on a daily basis...the pole became a part of their lives and gatherings. Different people came by it to tell different stories....coming from who they were that they felt, what they thought...all that Noise!!!

And then The Pole disappeared one day...just like it had appeared. Actually, a truck hit it and the truck driver threw it in the river so that no one would know...or blame him for something he didnt intend to do - it was just an unfortunate accident (though throwing it in the river was not).

So what happened then? Theres no end to this story since the Pole stories continued, now about its disappearance...until the people who believed in these stories had died.

And so...there's no moral to this story too (pardon me for not fulfilling your expectations...whatever they are!). Just one question. What if you were the Pole...and had believed all the stories that people told about you...and behaved accordingly?

Who would you have become then?

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